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Oriental Rug Cleaning & Restoration FAQ's

About oriental rug cleaning and restoration in Oak Park, IL / Chicago, IL - Crafters and Weavers

Why choose Crafters and Weavers to clean my rugs?

We provide expert cleaning and restoration for your fine Oriental rugs to preserve their value and keep them beautiful for generations. 

Our process uses compressed air and special tools to remove dirt and dust particles from deep within your rug. Dirt layers dull the colors, while embedded dust particles can act as tiny razor blades, damaging the wool knotting.

We'll help you keep small problems from becoming big ones - our service includes evaluating your rug for signs of raveling, tears or other deterioration. We'll give you our recommendation for the most effective and economical repair and restoration options.

How often should I have my oriental rugs cleaned?

At least every 2 years. The dirt and dust that we carry when we walk on the rug will slowly settle down and accumulate at the bottom of the pile. Vacuuming can only reach the loose dust on the surface, not to the bottom of the pile where the rug is thick and very tightly woven.

What happens if I don't get a deep clean on my oriental rug?

As we walk on the rug the friction from the dirt cuts into the pile of the rug like little razor blades. As a result, the rug will wear out fast.

How do you clean the rugs?

The rugs are moved to a temperature controlled room to start the process of cleaning. We wait for the high heat to dry the rug to the root of the pile. Once dry, the rug is placed face down on a special platform. Using a tool that applies heat and vibrations we rub the backside of the rug until all the dirt sheds onto the floor. We then vacuum the surface of any remaining loose dirt. Finally, we wash the rug in cold water and us specialty carpet shampoo. The rug is hung and dried with thermal heat and fans.

Where do you clean the rugs?

We have our own rug cleaning and restoration facility in Chicago.


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*Pick up and delivery service for rug cleaning has been suspended until further notice. We are accepting drop offs, appointment required. Please call us to schedule.