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Industrial / Farmhouse Sliding Door Furniture

Industrial Farmhouse Style Sliding Barn Door Furniture
Sliding door furniture pieces are growing in popularity because they offer major benefits through their design and function that traditional doors just can’t match.
First, they are deeply pleasing to look at, as they combine the natural beauty of their materials with contrastingly stark metal tracks and wheels. These inherently opposing features marry well together. All of our pieces that have this feature are beautifully colored to accentuate the natural beauty of the solid wood and fit a variety of aesthetics. Our sliding door cabinets capture this perfectly, as they can easily be placed in most rooms in the home to mesh with the style you already have there.
Another great advantage that sliding door furniture have over furniture that uses a traditional door comes from the fact that these doors don’t invade your space when in use. They are highly functional in nature and design, harkening back to Farmhouse style barn doors.
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