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What’s So Special About Furniture Made in USA?

What’s So Special About Furniture Made in USA?

Furniture is like clothing for every home interior that specifies any particular area, and there’s no doubt, dressing must be elegant, graceful, and unique. It should reveal a standard and quality.
Just adding new furniture to your old-style home is enough to change the entire infrastructure of your house interior. Be it a leather sofa, rustic coffee table, a Victorian-style kitchen island, a wooden bar trolley, or a modern T.V. stand, can you imagine turning the entire scenario of your house interior like magic into a lavish one?
This is how the charismatic effect of made in U.S.A. furniture works. It's one of the smartest options one must consider to ensure they've made a wise investment. Any justifiable reason? Because furniture made in the U.S.A. is designed, manufactured, and crafted by such a keen and passionate, meticulous people who have deep knowledge in what's best, or evergreen in quality and style.
Want to know more about how your investment for buying Made in U.S.A. furniture can be bang for the buck? Let's discuss in light of following factors:

  • Dominant Quality

The main perk of American furniture is, it's made of high-quality materials, which means long-lasting durability. The use of solid wood and sturdy construction provide your home with furnishings that are strong enough to handle your busy lifestyle. 

Either you need a leather sofa, wooden bed, or dining room set, all made in America are tends to be made for last. This implies you'll get the most incentive for your cash, and you'll realize that your furniture will endure for the long haul. 
Industrial facilities in America go through rigorous quality control checks and follow explicit rules to guarantee that each household item is sturdy and safe.

  • Eco-Friendliness

Furniture from other countries is usually not made sustainably, and thus they're easily prone to deforestation, and pollution runs rampant to make low-quality furniture for the home. Also, when furniture items are imported from overseas, it adds to a greater carbon impression, likewise hurting the climate.
In contrast to this, American-made furniture is labeled to be sustainable and environmentally friendly. Your new furniture additionally doesn't need to go as far, which implies it adversely affects our territory, air, and water.

  • Superior Safety Standards

Either you need an American-made bed or dresser, one central park you'll always be proud of witnessing is its enhanced safety standard. Yes, every American furniture item is designed to be functional and safe to provide an all-time peace of mind. 

All furniture items designed and crafted in Crafters & Weavers feature stringent quality and safety standards. Our certifications ensure that a free association has assessed your new furniture to guarantee the best security expectations.

  • Fast Turnaround

When you order American-made furniture in Chicago, or any other city, this certifies you'll get a fast turnaround. It takes around weeks and months in other countries to arrive as they're computed from long distances, they undergo customs clearance and other processes. 

To get rid of all this hassle, make a smart choice considering American furniture. You will not have to hang tight for quite a long time for your new furniture to show up since each part is acquired and made on American soil.


Top Brands American Furniture

As we're raising toast furniture made in the U.S.A., so it's to time to highlight few proud brand names of America that are known for their incredible designs, quality, and phenomenal services after Crafters and weavers


This reputable brand has been producing American-made patio furniture for nearly three decades. The company is acknowledged and demanded its durable, comfortable poly (or HDPE) outdoor furniture.


Daniel's Amish exists in the rolling hills of Holmes County, Ohio. This brand is known for using locally sourced wood from sustainable timberlands in Ohio and Pennsylvania.
Their legacy quality furniture is 100% American-made. Each hand-made piece consolidates conventional Amish strategies with present-day offices for unrivaled quality.


This brand name stands among the most prominent privately-owned manufacturers in the U.S.A. When you purchase furniture from Franklin, you're getting a high-quality piece as every frame is built and upholstered by employees who take pride in their work.


A name referred to couple duo Clay and Ida Mae Zimmerman, who established Oakwood Industries thirty years ago in Memphis, Mo.
 Even today, Oakwood Industries has retained its position in manufacturing high-quality wood furniture ranging from beds to dining sets; each piece of furniture is fashioned in the U.S.A. to this day.

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