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What Certain Factors Make Oriental Rug A Preferred Choice?

What Certain Factors Make Oriental Rug A Preferred Choice?

One of the most critical factors that make any rug valuable is colors; they're harmonious and beautiful. The second consideration would be the drawing. Have you ever noticed the design elements in any traditional or Asian-made rugs? For this reason, Oriental rugs are admired and demanded everywhere since it ticks all boxes in terms of material, size, and style. 

  Oriental rugs are made all over Asia, including India, China, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey, and more. There's a difference between oriental and Persian rugs as many people interlink with each other or assume almost the same. No, there's a difference. 

The Persian rugs are only made in Persia or present Iran. Just like Turkish rugs are only made in Turkey. However, Oriental rug stands as exemplary in the category of authentic rugs. But, if I break down the reason behind its demand in light of various factors, then it includes;

  • Authentic Material
Generally, all handmade rugs are made using original materials like; Wool, Silk, Goat hair, and cotton. All are used in weaving hand-knotted rugs depending on where they are intertwined. 

Alike them, an oriental rug is purely made from a sheep's wool. Depending on where it is made, like Iran, it might have a wool pile woven on a wool foundation with goat hair used to secure edges.

  • Designs 
A plethora of designs are used in Persian rugs, including; geometric tribal patterns, central medallions, prayer rugs, and all-over patterns. The plan regularly relies upon where the carpet was woven in Persia or Iran. 

While there is a wide range of plans in Persian carpets, more plans are discovered when contrasting a wide range of Oriental floor coverings.

Due to any reason, if you don't prefer using oriental rugs in the USA, then as discussed below, what makes it preferred one, so you can choose any other rugs based on the following factors below;

 Tips for Selecting a Perfect Rug
When you select a rug for your room, this becomes challenging for you, as many questions pop up in mind; will it suit our living space? Is it trendy or out of trend? Am I sure investing money on the right one, and many other concerns like this.

So, to make it easier for you, I will narrow down some best tips, so you can easily pick the right one. Here we go;

Look for some inspiration, whether it's from a magazine or Pinterest, whatever source you're looking for beautiful spaces, then figure out what style of rug you want.

Pick three pictures that are your top choice and sort out the consistency between them.
Either you're gravitating between color or style, color, and pattern, everything you need to consider as a source of reference.

Budget is a tough topic for some people, especially when making it worth investing one. So take a look at your budget first, then plan for the best purchase. If you need a budget for the whole room, then allocate the budget to the entire room.

Pick a budget for each item within that room. It would be time-consuming but beneficial. For any project you need to work, then also allocate the budget according to it.

There are many sizes when you're picking your rugs, so I always recommend bigger is better, so try to maximize that rug while giving your room a little bit of breathing space you need to have—a little bit of floor showing underneath the carpet. 

Here's a look at the dimensions and size of each rug in various rooms;
- Rule of thumb for large room size is, the front legs of all the main furniture pieces should be on the rug. It's fine if side tables and floor lamps aren't on the rug, but there should be at least 12" from the edge of the rug to the walls.
- The recommended rug size for the dining room should be 74", 8 x 10 dimension. Ideally, there is 24' from the edge of the table to the rug's end, all around the table.
- For the bedroom, the rug should be closer to the nightstands, yet not underneath. The recommended rug size is 9 x 12' or 9 x 13'

Overall, a perfect size can transform your place into an elegant one with an accurate rug measure.

  • Material
When it comes to selecting optimal materials, there is a lot of information to make it easier to pick the best one. To choose a rug for your entrance, you would consider something indoor and outdoor specific; regarding this, a polypropylene or polyester rug is best for washability. 

For the living room, any material will go well. If you feel like it's high in a traffic area or you have or have kids, then again, consider a polyester rug. Wool is also great material, as it has longevity, it looks luxurious, and looks terrific.

For a family room, anything goes well, but polypropylene would be best because it's family-friendly, easy to clean and maintain. If you get something nice with a heavy pattern, so it'll hide all spills. But great wool is soft underfoot and easy to clean.

For more exclusive variety in classic rugs, visit Crafters& Weavers – the leading oriental tug store in Chicago. We own a diverse range of all rug types and shapes.

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