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Leather Furniture Care Guide

Leather Furniture Care Guide

How to care for leather living room sofa from crafters and weavers with furniture polish

Leather is a natural material and requires occasional maintenance. If your leather furniture starts to lose the sheen, it is time to polish! Polishing will also help soften small scratches and slight discoloration. We recommend selecting a neutral clear, non-tinted polish.

Product recommendations: Our factory recommends using Ralyn Leather Polish. It is advertised as shoe polish but works wonders on restoring leather in many applications, like furniture. 

Instructions for polishing: Apply product to a clean, soft sponge and using a circular motion, apply to leather. A little bit goes a long way, use a small amount first to get used to the spread. Use whenever the leather begins to dull.

There are many other wonderful products on the market to restore and protect your leather furniture. One trusted brand for a wide range of leather care products is Mohawk.


Crafters and Weavers Contemporary Leather Chesterfield Sofa Light Brown

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