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Is Platform Bed a Still Considerable Choice, or An Outdated Option?

Is Platform Bed a Still Considerable Choice, or An Outdated Option?

The platform beds are making a drastic comeback in the market these days. Though they were the buzzword of their time in the early 1970s, yet they seem to become ever more popular today.

Just take a random survey into any furniture market, and you'll see the sales for platform beds have been steadily rising. The surprising fact is, these beds are usually sold in contemporary and exclusive niche stores of US that cater to high-end customers.

The modern furniture stores are adding much more platform beds into their showrooms than ever before transformed in a bit upgraded style. For instance, today's trend in platform beds is down to floor height but with expanded base, getting out from the mattress side. Behind this, there's small lighting inside the side tables, which look appealing in the dark.

Listing Main Advantages of Platform Beds

The main reason is, platform beds are just as comfortable as any other bed with mattress and box springs. Many people spend half of their lifetime on their back sleeping. Thus, platform beds ensure you're satisfied. Besides, the platform beds are pretty sturdy and can handle just as much weight pounding as any other typical bed type.

Now coming to the cost of a platform bed, a significant factor for buyers to get this at first glance. Since platform beds usually cater to upscale consumers, a platform bed can range from $4000 to $100. There was an increase in demand, and the manufacturers had to adjust their processes to reduce the prices while increasing the supply.

I usually prefer modern platform beds with storage purposes in mind; as they’re more equipped with a storage drawer. The flat surface of platform beds further supports the entire mattress rather than using a box spring type system.

Another great advantage of platform beds is, they are virtually noiseless; you don't need to hear a squeaky spring every time your spouse talks and turns throughout the entire night. Also, there is a specific cost advantage; you can save a lot of money by not purchasing the box spring.

Like whatever else, there are a few impediments to claiming a platform bed if you never possessed one. The most important thing to check while buying a platform bed–and if you already own a mattress is–to read the manufacturer's guide, which usually states that "bed requires box spring to provide support adequately”.

It is possible that you could likely avoid your warranty. In case of not taking this precaution, here's why many mattress stores refuse to sell mattresses without matching box springs.

Time to shed light on some top bed frames of 2021 for platform beds; either its high-performance bed or for any particular use, I am sure the following list will surely fulfill your requirement;

Best Platform Bed Frames for 2021

  • Zinus Alexis

This platform bed frame is more than just a sturdy support system for your beloved mattress. The Alexis deluxe platform bed frame will charm any bedroom, as it adorns soundly built foundation which features a genuine solid wood frame with a rustic finish, unique natural wood knots, and patterns.

To help you remove the box spring once and for all, this bed frame is crafted with a set of wood slats engineered to support and extend the list of any mattress you rest upon. And, it's reinforced with steel for extra durability that'll have you sleeping soundly for many nights to come.

The entire platform bed frame is wisely shipped in one box that will be dispatched at your doorstep with all the tools, parts, and instructions you'll need to assemble the bed within less time. Also, it includes a five-year free warranty once you kick back on top of this sturdy platform.

  • DHP Janford Upholstered Bed

This upholstered bed is exactly what your bedroom décor has been missing! Elegantly designed, this bed frame is built with sturdy metal that has been reinforced with metal side rails and center legs to ensure extended-lasting support and comfort.

Moreover, this bed features a modern rectangular headboard made of robust wood and upholstered in faux leather or linen, with only a center seam in the headboard. Jan ford proves that there is beauty in simplicity. If you are looking for a statement piece that will not overwhelm your bedroom décor.

The upholstered platform bed is the perfect solution for the focal point of your bedroom that is both trendy and simple. It is available in colors and finishes; the Janford upholstered bed is a timeless beauty that will fit any décor offered in multiple sizes for your convenience. This chic upholstered bed is available in grey linen or black faux leather.

It features a headboard for added comfort and back support. The headboard height is 45.5 sturdy wood and metal frame construction with center legs for extra support. It requires a foundation and comprises queen bed dimensions.

  • Zinus Paul

If it ever happens that you can't decide between metal or wood, then enjoy the best of both worlds with this sturdy and equally handsome Zinus paul platform bed frame. Built with a thick steel frame and beautiful natural wood headboard with distinctive characters that will instantly modernize your home.

This sturdy foundation also has your mattress's back. It's built with wooden slats that provide rock-solid support and longevity for any mattress so that you can skip box spring altogether. The additional perk is its 14-inch platform means you get over a foot of under-bed clearance space to store your extra odds and ends.



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