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Does End Table & Coffee Table Serve - The Same Purpose For Living  Room?

Does End Table & Coffee Table Serve - The Same Purpose For Living Room?

Have you ever confused end tables with coffee tables? Do you often think that both are the same since both are used for adding functionality and specific purpose in living rooms? Though both are used with significant purpose in living rooms, yet they both are different in terms of use, totally different

Time to learn detailed deference between the end table and coffee table. Here's a look;

Difference Between Coffee Table & End Table

Coffee Tables 

The Coffee tables are bigger and lower than the end tables. It is usually placed on the couch front, and thus it has to meet the same height as the couch seat.

There are various synonyms, and idiomatic expressions for coffee-table, such as; Lift-Flap, color-plate, cocktail table, sideboard, dressing-table, chest-of-drawers, side-table, and book shelve, hard-back, soft-back, and null.

End Tables

End tables for the living room, or side tables, are usually small tables beside a loveseat, sofa, or chair. The end table provides a convenient platform for storing books, resting beverages, and some good lighting.

Though both end and coffee tables come in handy when it comes to serving drinks, a critical factor that distinguishes both from others is, the coffee table serves more function than side tables.

Can End Table & Coffee Table Be Used Together?

It takes a wise choice to choose the best option to use for the living room, regardless of the greater or less purpose both tables serve. The end tables will be marginally higher than a customary footstool, yet with every one of the fluctuating sizes in tables nowadays, it will look extraordinary!

You might run over footstools that come two by two or three pieces as of now. Fit them together firmly or pull them, then separate them for work.

If we discuss characteristics and features of end tables and coffee tables in light of various aspects, then it includes;

Location in living room 

In terms of location, the end tables are usually placed at the end of the couch and can also be placed beside a chair or loveseat. Whereas the coffee tables are placed in the front of a couch.


The end tables for the living room have to be either the same or smaller in size, as they're supposed to be placed on the side of couches. On the other hand, the coffee table has to be high as the seat of the sofa. Sometimes it's lower than couch arms but doesn't serve any function.

Surface area

Regarding surface area for end tables in the living room, they're small, but best to keep if you want to add a lamp or place a glass of water. But the coffee table should be more significant enough to accommodate board games or even a cheese tray, or at least wide enough to allow keeping a tray of coffee cups.

Common dimensions 

The length of end tables has a dimension around 22 to 28 inches, width is 14 to 26 inches, and height has to be about 20 to 25 inches.

Some other prominent features to consider for buying a coffee table or end table for the living room include;

  • Access to drawers
  • Presence of shelves
  • Ease of mobility
  • Inclusion of a rising tabletop (usually only on a coffee table)

Style of Coffee & End Table

Style is an essential factor when choosing a coffee table or end table for your living space. You want to pick a table style that matches the rest of the furniture well and does not clash.

Some common styles you can find in which coffee and end tables are:

  • Coastal
  • Contemporary
  • Craftsman
  • Asian
  • Eclectic

How to Mix & Match Coffee & End Tables?

Placing furniture with mix and match is an art that depends on the landowner in whatever style or design pattern they plan to decorate the living room. However, mixed and matched of both coffee and end tables looks great and easily fit into a space.

On the other hand, the set of mixed and matched tables can be a big NO-NO as it can ruin the entire design. Let me share some awful tips for designing a living room with a mix and match of coffee and end tables.

Utilize various stains or completes – If you need wooden tables, have a go at matching cherry and oak or attempt a similar kind of wood in an alternate shading variety; in case you are utilizing metals, pair bronze, and silver or gold and copper. 

Pair various shapes together – If your footstool is freestyle, you may choose round or square nightstands. Or on the other hand, another thought is to blend a round end table with square nightstands

Attempt various materials, as well – An end table and nightstands shouldn't all be wood, stone, or metal. You can pick one material for your end table and an alternate material for your nightstand


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