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Best Designing tips for Modern Kitchen Island

Best Designing tips for Modern Kitchen Island

Are you looking for new kitchen ideas, or renovating home interior ideas? Here’re some best ideas; Italian kitchen, no... Wood-themed kitchen? Um, not so impressive… Then, Fairy tale themed kitchen with a small Seating Island? Something unique and different, something that is trending high these days, or hasn’t got much familiar yet, then what about Farm-house kitchen? Sounds good! Let’s explore!

So, discussing farm-house kitchen island style includes designing tips, durability, and building science. The farmhouse style of a kitchen has gone popular over the last few years. Here, we must applaud the artistic work and remarkable job of architectures who build an iconic style, and making the entire kitchen theme functional and workable for owners.

So let’s move to design tips for creating a farmhouse island kitchen.

Designing Tips For Farmhouse Kitchen Island

  • Whether you’re cooking with a 1950s gas range or a brand new one, you need to pay attention to your venting. Remember when you’re cooking with gas, you’re making fumes you don’t need in your house. So you can go for a custom vent fan which is a fairly inexpensive price. Wrap it with a gorgeous stainless backsplash, this will provide an ancient stove.
  • Let’s move to build a science on a kitchen island. When you have a combustion gas going in the kitchen, you need to run that vent fan, but if you got a tight envelope in your house, then you also need to make up air. Now, many architects raise it a couple of inches to make a more comfortable cooking height which gives the ability to put a grill right on the floor. Underneath a grill, there would be an electronic damper tied with a 24-volt controller to the exhaust fan. This is very important for exhausting out all noxious smells outside of the house while cooking. This works well in modern farmhouse kitchen styles.
  • Next comes the reclaimed pine floors in the farmhouse kitchen. It takes certain beams from the warehouse to build a wide plank floor. The pine floor always gets better with time, and it also gives a feel of an old farmhouse even in new build houses. Another iconic thing to add to the farmhouse style is the use of wood walls.
  • Then comes the shop-painted cabinets. A white-painted or Robin’s egg blue gives a typical traditional look for a farmhouse.
  • Following up is the sharp drawer microwave that is a must-have in farm-house Kitchen Island, this feature must be considered aging in your house; just pop that drawer open and your food is right there at waist level, and it’s super easy to take a bowl from the counter. Drop it in the microwave and vice versa.

The reason modern farmhouse Kitchen Island is getting high attention especially in the US is, it’s a great fusion of old and new. Hitherto we discussed the designing tips, now I am going to share some useful ideas to give your contemporary kitchen a farmhouse look, certainly, these tips will sound up your alley.

Tips to Give Your Modern Style Kitchen a Farm House Look

Include Shaker Style Cabinet Door

The modern shaker doors are a beautiful combination of old and new; they have recessed inner panels like traditional kitchen, yet these days. The cabinet door is made with square detail without colonial fussy details of a traditional kitchen.

Open Storage

Sounds typical in modern farmhouse furniture in modern farmhouses. We see overhead cupboards in modern kitchens with front doors and that’s more of a clean-lined modern look, but modern farmhouses tend to sometimes opt for open shelves, and this is a great opportunity to have on display things that are both eye-catching and useful life coffee /tea mugs, bowls, and plates.

Consider fittings & Fixtures

Here is an opportunity to bring in some more vintage or traditional styles; the best example is your sink. A popular one is the farmhouse style of sink with exposed front with apron. Another one would be pendant lights or any of the lights in your kitchen. Perhaps some decorative wall sconces or some more vintage/retro style pendants over your kitchen island, or maybe even your tap fitting could be a little bit more old-fashioned or more nostalgic.

Hope you found these tips worth considering, and they match your planning. If you have any more suggestions regarding interior decoration or the best use of furniture items or stuff then drop your comments below. We will highly appreciate your active participation in sharing views with Crafters and weavers.

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