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About - Free Shipping

Currently the entire store is Free Standard US Shipping! Enjoy!

Free Shipping from Crafters and Weavers

Shopping online is already a risky business for anyone, and there are many factors that contribute to a person ending up not making a purchase. Out of all these factors,  there’s a constant one that plagues all online customers whenever they’re about to finish a transaction, and that is the Shipping cost.

With Crafters and Weavers, you don’t have to worry. We offer Free Standard Shipping, which includes inside delivery for freight items and UPS Ground service for smaller items. 

Additional shipping charges may apply if:

  • There are extreme obstacles to get to your delivery address. For example, you live on an island that requires a ferryboat. 
  • You require the item to be unpacked and placed. Shipper is only required to bring the item through the front door of the building. (freight items)

Returns on Orders with Free Shipping:

You are responsible for all shipping charges if you decide to return an item. Price varies depending on your area and what you ordered. Please contact us with any questions.

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La Boca Sideboard
$ 1,495.00
$ 2,540.00

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